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Gemi critical boiling electric water heater patented technology
The Gemi water heater uses precise electronic temperature control technology (accurate to ±0.2 °C) to set the water temperature to a critical boiling state of 99 °C, and the set temperature can be adjusted according to the altitude change. The water temperature is not close to the boiling point, and it cannot be effectively sterilized. The chlorine volatilization in the water does not completely affect the taste and is unsanitary, and the boiling of the boiled water will increase the nitrite content in the water, which is harmful to the body. Jizhimei Open Drinking Machine creates a critical boiling control technology, which controls the boiling water to a critical boiling of 99 degrees Celsius. It can effectively sterilize and disinfect the chlorine in the water, improve the taste of the drinking water, and avoid the boiling of the boiling water and affect the water quality. “Thousand boiling water” ensures the health of drinking water and avoids energy waste caused by multiple boiling. At the same time, Jizhimei water heater adopts fire-retardant inorganic insulation cotton and advanced 360 degree thermal bridge blocking technology to reduce the water temperature loss extremely, which plays a role of high efficiency insulation.