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Gemi Stepping type electric water heater patented technology
Qingdao Gemi Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed the pioneering step-by-layer layer heating technology, which has created a new chapter in the water boiler industry with its excellent heating efficiency and excellent energy saving.
However, many of my friends will have doubts. The step-by-layer heating technology of the Kyrgyzstan water heater is a bit magical and somewhat mysterious. What is the principle? What is the workflow of it and how is it implemented? Here is the mysterious veil for everyone.
Step-by-layer heating, as the name suggests, is stratified into the water, layered heating, and the heating is completely different from the traditional full water. But the Kyrgyzstan water heater does not use a physical partition to bring the water layer. What technology is used to achieve it? Below we introduce a concept - the principle of Renault experiments. Simply put, there is a strange phenomenon in nature. The ocean currents in the ocean have cold currents and warm currents. When these two ocean currents meet, there will be obvious stratification, and they will not be completely mixed together. Scientists simulated and analyzed this natural phenomenon, which was later called the Renault experimental principle. This is also the basis for the step-by-layer heating technology of the Kyrgyzstan water heater. The R&D staff of this technology simulated this natural phenomenon based on the Renault experimental principle. The precision control valve allows water to enter the water heater liner from the bottom at a certain flow rate and flow rate, and the water level sensor controls the water intake. When the influent reaches a certain amount, the water is stopped and heating is started. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the inlet water control valve opens automatically, and the water is injected into the inner tank again. Since the proportion of cold water is greater than the specific gravity of the hot water, the cold water injected later will gradually hold up the previously burned water. When the temperature controller senses that the temperature has dropped to a certain value, the water inlet control valve automatically closes and begins to heat the second layer of water until the set temperature is reached again. This cycle until the water in the tank reaches the highest water level. That is, a work cycle is completed.

Advantages of step-by-layer boiling technology:
1. The water temperature is precisely controlled to ensure that it only boils once;
2. Water is introduced layer by layer, hot and cold water is not mixed, and yin and yang water is avoided;
3. When the water is taken, the water level sensor senses that the water level drops. The computer microprocessor will command the water inlet control valve to open automatically, and fill the inner tank without affecting the normal water intake, which greatly increases the supply of boiling water;
4. Only one layer of water is heated at a time, greatly reducing energy consumption;
5. The outlet is highly accurately calculated and specially designed to be located above the first level of water and the effluent is guaranteed to be boiled.

Because of the many advantages of step-by-step layer heating technology, many manufacturers have imitated them, but because of the lack of core technology and the instability of product quality, the problems frequently occur, which brings inconvenience to users. Therefore, when purchasing a step-type water heater, it is recommended that you identify the Kyrgyz brand.