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B1S Water Boiler

Model: GM-B1-10-2JT / GM-B1-15-3JT / GM-B1-20-3JT
Dimensions: 178×400X530 / 178×400X630 / 178×400X755mm
Rated power: 2kw / 3KW / 3KW
rated current :9.1A / 13.6A / 13.6A
rated voltage (AC): 220v / 220v / 220v
Recommended voltage: 16A socket / 16A socket / 16A socket
Volume: 10.5 / L15L / 20L
continuous water supply (L): 6L / 13L / 15L


◆critical boiling technology
The water temperature is not close to the boiling point and cannot be effectively sterilized. The boiling of boiled water will increase the nitrite content in the water and is harmful to the body.
Jusco US water machine control technology to create a critical boiling, boiling water will be controlled at98 degrees Celsius critical boiling ( Critical-Boiling ) , both effective sterilization, to improve the taste of drinking water fitness, but also to avoid boiling water several times and affect water quality, truly put an end " Thousands of boiling water to ensure the health of drinking water, but also avoid the energy waste caused by multiple boiling.
◆ Zero pressure design, intelligent precise temperature control
The internal zero pressure structure design, and the expansion water absorption device, while using the computer precise temperature control system, can reach the critical temperature of 98 degrees Celsius, completely eliminate the hidden danger of the traditional water heater explosion, while not dripping, not boiling many times.
◆Laminar flow into the water, large water volume
The Reynolds rule is applied to realize the laminar flow state of the influent water, avoiding the occurrence of turbulence in the influent water and mixing the hot and cold water, so that the water output of the warm water can reach 50 % or more, which is higher than the record of 1/3 maintained by the international counterparts .
◆High temperature water, large amount of hot water
Critical boiling technology, Jizhimei bar water heater water temperature can reach 98 degrees Celsius, and the use of laminar flow water technology, compared with the traditional water heater (the highest water temperature 65 to 75 degrees Celsius) to provide more than 3 times the amount of washing water , a 10 liter boiling water The machine is equivalent to the water supply capacity of nearly 30 liters of old water heaters, which is energy efficient.
◆No pressure backflow, water is boiled
After the traditional pressure water heater closes the valve, the hot water in the pipeline is rapidly cooled. The next time the cold water is left in the water pipe, the hot water can be supplied, and the water and electricity are wasted and the utility is not convenient. Jizhimei water machine adopts pressureless design. After closing the valve, the water is turned back. When it is used next time, it can supply warm water immediately, saving time and water and saving electricity.
◆Humanized design, time switch machine
Jizhimei Bar Machine is the first in the industry to introduce LCD microprocessors, which can set weekly working days and daily working hours. Automatically turn on and off according to business hours, saving energy and electricity, and greatly extending the service life of the water heater. At the same time, there is a “temporary operation button”, which can provide you with boiling water even if you temporarily change your schedule. After the temporary operation is completed, the original setting program resumes normal operation.
◆Microcomputer three-dimensional water leakage prevention function
Microcomputer real-time monitoring, once the water machine itself leaks inside, the system will automatically cut off the water source immediately to prevent immersion. If the water leaking from other pipelines around the water heater touches the drinker, the computer system will automatically sound a buzzer.
◆Electronic automatic water outlet
The advanced electronic water valve design is easy to use and reliable with one click of boiling water.
◆Smart lcd display
The water machine operating state lcd automatic display, set temperature indication, water temperature indication, water level indication, heating indication, automatic fault alarm.
◆ desktop installation, saving space
Jizhimei water heater adopts bar desktop installation, which does not occupy space and is convenient for design.
◆Multiple intelligent protection
Built-in intelligent two-way automatic protection; anti-over temperature, dry burning protection; automatic fault detection, lcd code display; built-in electronic flow meter, bottom flow, over flow protection and prompt.
◆Leakage automatic protection
The Jizhimei water heater holds an automatic leakage protector, which can cut off the current quickly within 0.1 seconds of leakage , ensuring safe use. At the same time, Jizhimei solved the hidden danger of reverse leakage caused by the grounding problem, and ensured the safety of use in the unsafe environment.

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