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K7C Water Boiler

Dimensions: 323*230*461mm / 323*230*461mm
Rated power: 2kW / 2kW
Rated current: 9.1A / 9.1A
Rated voltage: 220V / 220V
Recommended power: 16A socket / 16A socket
Volume: 7L / 7L
continuous water supply (5 lbs warm bottle): 3 / 3
effluent type: single hot / hot and cold


◆LCD large screen display working status, can display water level change, water temperature change, current time, time, week, more intuitive and user-friendly

◆ Wall-mounted installation, greatly saving installation space 

◆ Original water outlet mode to fill the gap in the water outlet of the market 

◆ Acrylic material on the front connection part, brushed stainless steel on the side panel, upgrade product grade 

◆ Handle with push-type faucet, handle can be externally It can be used for internal pressure and can be discharged. 

◆ Original high-altitude detection function, use in high altitude area, self-boiling point calibration, safer drinking water 

◆ Economical operation function, open economic operation function can reduce water level by 50%, thus saving energy

◆ Full screen Chinese or English or full screen English display switching

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