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P1 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Model: GM-P1-H2C7AE / GM-P1-H12C7AE
Dimensions: 420 * 486 * 1215mm / 420 * 486 * 1205mm
rated heating: 0.8kW / 2kW
rated cooling: 0.15kW / 0.15kW
Recommended power supply: 10A socket / 16A socket
Rated voltage: 220V / 220V
hot water bile volume: 2L / 12L
ice water bladder volume: no gallbladder straight drink / no gallbladder straight drink
water volume: 8.8L / 20.8L
continuous ice water supply: 7L / 7L
type: ice type / ice type


◆ Leading new technology: ICE-BANK ice storage technology developed with Italian top refrigeration experts and original critical boiling technology

◆Three-in-one drinking water: boiling water up to 100 °C, ice water as low as 4 °C and normal temperature water, all in one drink 

◆ Healthy fresh water: built-in dual water purification device and high-efficiency UV germicidal lamp, triple protection to ensure water source safety. No biliary ice water, with the system; 100% pure boiling water, avoid yin and yang water and thousands of boiling water 

◆ Energy-saving new proposition: using intelligent power automatic adjustment technology and night power mode, easy to set up to complete energy saving = 

intelligent humanization: With a variety of functions such as time switch, temperature limit, quantitative water intake, fault self-test alarm, etc.

◆ Large capacity water: a continuous optimum temperature for 7 liters of ice water and 2 to 15 liters of water, a variety of configuration options 

◆ unlimited water: tap water, bottled water for all, to meet the water needs of different places 

◆ modeling new style : European professional team design, elegant appearance, atmosphere

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