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Qingdao Gemi is a manufacturer of commercial and household drinking water and beverage appliances. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It consists of two subsidiaries, Qingdao Gemi Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Gemi Electronics Co., Ltd., which owns two brands, “Gemi” and “gepot”, with a total registered capital of 18 million yuan.

Gemi's corporate vision is to create the “domestic first brand and internationally renowned brand” in the beverage and electric appliance industry.
The company's corporate tenet is to create a first-class brand with first-class quality and first-class products.
Gemi has a strong technical accumulation. It is the drafting and revision of the three national standards and standards. The national standard GB4706.36 "Special requirements for safe commercial electric water heaters and liquid heaters for household and similar electrical appliances" revised unit, CQC3133- 2011 "Commercial electric water heater energy-saving certification technical specifications" drafting unit and the People's Republic of China light industry standard QB/T4270-2011 "commercial electric water heater" drafting unit.
Gemi is a famous trademark of Shandong Province, a contracted supplier of the United Nations Water Resources Project in China, and the preferred brand of energy-saving renovation of water heaters in the central state organs. It has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and its products have been successfully selected for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games venues. Based on the principle of high starting point, high technology and high standards, we have introduced technology from all over the world, combined with China's national conditions, and after years of development, we have successfully established a high-quality brand of commercial water boiler industry with leading technology and leading quality in the industry. The industry has established a good image and reputation. In 2012, we cooperated with Italy in refrigeration technology and entered the field of commercial drinking water and beverage refrigeration. We successfully developed the world's advanced large-capacity commercial water dispenser series and expanded our product line.
At present, the company supplies products to the market, such as commercial electric water heaters, household kitchen drinkers, and large-capacity commercial water dispensers. The products are not only sold to more than 280 cities in China, but also exported to North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. They are widely used in commercial office buildings, military units, schools, hotels, factories, real estate assembly and general households
With an international R&D technology platform, the company keeps a close eye on the development of the global industry, continuously introduces high-tech, and actively develops new products, so that Kyrgyzstan products always maintain the world's advanced level.
With the continuous development of the company's China strategy, Kyrgyzstan's commercial water heaters have successfully settled in such famous government projects as the Olympic venues, airports, hospitals, institutions of higher learning, etc. The products have been rated as recommended by the Kitchenware Industry Association and the first national The company's top 100 innovative products.
Our goal is to create the era of China's commercial drinking water equipment brand, expand the market share while consolidating the position of the middle and high-end market, build a global sales network platform, and continuously expand the product line, and gradually develop into a large-scale international professional related to water and electricity. manufacturer.